3 Reasons To Stay Hydrated & My Fave Water Bottle

13 Mar 2014

3 Reasons To Stay Hydrated & My Fave Water Bottle

Upon rising, throughout the day, and after a big meal you are told to drink up and stay hydrated, but what’s the reasoning behind it? Making sure you drink enough water day to day helps the body in so many ways from replenishing your cells to regulating your digestion. Most of us are not getting the recommended minimum intake of 8 cups per day. There are no excuses on this one, especially when I share Glasstic (My favorite way to sport water) below!

Health Benefits Of Water

Water Curbs Your Appetite
Whether you know it or not, you are probably confusing hunger with thirst regularly. Our thirst mechanisms are not very strong, which can lead to bad judgement. Next time you feel famished, drink a glass of water first and wait 5 minutes. Still hungry?

Water Gives You Energy
The clock hits 2:00 pm and you are fatigued already. Chances are you are either dehydrated or crashing from a sugar rush, but most likely just in need of a refreshing sip of water.

Water Cleanses Your System
Stop suffering from juice cleanses, detoxes, and crash diets to “cleanse” your body. Instead, visit the realistic approach and drink up. Water helps eliminate harmful toxins from your system and regulates bowel movements.


Enough on that, now lets get to the real deal. 

How the hell are you supposed to carry around over 8 glasses of water a day without spending a fortune on bottled water or running the risk of your water getting hot and musty?

I’ve got just the solution: Glasstic Water Bottles
Glasstic Water Bottles

These babies are no doubt one of the best things in my bag. Glasstic water bottles are shatterproof glass water bottles that insulates and protects your drinks from BPA, metal, and other scary toxins. Perfect, huh?

If you are interested in getting your very own, just click here.

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