5 Reasons To Eat Greens + Organic Girl Giveaway

14 Apr 2014

5 Reasons To Eat Greens + Organic Girl Giveaway


Everyone’s always either talking or instagramming about green juice, green salad, and green smoothies.
While I’m not one to talk, I’m sure you are wondering what’s so good about them anyways?
5 Reasons To Eat (or Drink) Your Greens:

1. Green leafy vegetables are nutritional powerhouses, rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals.
For example, one cup of greens provides 9x the minimum Vitamin K requirement.

2. Greens are full of fiber, which means they keep you full and aid in weight loss efforts.

3. Great source of folate, which reduces your risk of memory loss and cardiovascular disease.

4. Greens are anti-inflammatory due to high levels of quercetin, especially in kale.

5. High levels of magnesium and B-Vitamins give you energy
and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

organic girl

Now that you know the nutritional benefits of the all-powerful greens,
it’s time to get some!

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that I post a lot of meals involving greens like
spinach, kale, collards, romaine, and arugula.
Not all greens are created equal, so whenever I go to the supermarket
(usually Whole Foods or The Health Nut here in NYC), I like to stick to OrganicGirl.
I always find them to be the freshest and most diverse on the shelf, so it’s safe to say they’re a staple in my house.

organicgirl SUPERGREENSNow I want you to try them, so I’m hosting a special giveaway in honor of the OrganicGirl SUPERGREENS!

The SUPERGREENS are a combination of  baby red chard, baby tat soi, baby spinach,
baby green swiss chard, and baby arugula.. Yum!

To win 2 Free clamshells of SUPERGREENS:

1. Follow @SkinnybyTara on Instagram + Facebook
2. Comment on the Instagram or Facebook post
3. Tag at least one friend

Winners will be chosen 4/25

Good luck,

Tara Milhem Name

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