About Tara

Tara Milhem SkinnybyTara
   Founder of SkinnybyTara, Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, and Registered Yoga Instructor, Tara Milhem is an expert in her field. She is the author of The College Girl’s Guide to Skinny and Tara Bites: Fresh, Fun, & Fit Recipes For The Non-Cook. She has also been published on over 20 different platforms for her cutting-edge knowledge in health and nutrition. 

     Tara’s passion for food stems from wanting to understand how to maximize the body’s physical potential. After extensive experimentation with different types of foods and diets, Tara discovered that no one way of eating works for everyone. Her philosophy, SkinnybyTara, focuses on eating for pleasure, health, energy and beauty. Just like no one pair of skinny jeans fits all, no one diet fits all either. 

     Tara hosts her radio show SkinnybyTara Talk Tuesday evenings at 8 pm EST here. In addition, Tara offers private nutritional coaching, food shopping tours, and yoga sessions based on availability. 

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