Introducing The Best New Snack Bar: Tara Bites (ChocoCherryCrumble)

14 Mar 2014

Introducing The Best New Snack Bar: Tara Bites (ChocoCherryCrumble)

I’ll have to admit. I was never much of a snack “bar” person.

I rarely went into the store to pick up a protein or meal replacement
bar, simply because it never really appealed to me.. that is until I visited the
Natural Foods Expo in 2012 and was inundated with samples after samples
of bars. And right then and there I think I fell in love. Hard!

What happened next? I created my own. And now it’s your turn to fall in love.

Tara Bites is my new line of guilt-free indulgences starting with the Tara Bites Bar. 

Our first flavor is the perfect balance of chocolate, cherries, and crumble infused with healthy goodness.
The bars are certified Vegan, enrolled in the Non-GMO project, and undergoing Gluten-Free certifications.

At under 190 calories, Tara Bites is the ideal go-to breakfast, pre/post workout, or anytime snack to fuel
you with nutrient-rich Omega-3 Fatty acids, fiber, and flavor. I formulated the bar based on my background as a holistic health coach, yogi, and nutrition expert, so it is 100% clean and pure.

You’ll be taken at the first bite. Look out for our official launch in stores and online coming soon.
In the meantime, follow us on Instagram @TaraBites, Twitter @TaraBitesBar, and Facebook Tara Bites.

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