Top 10 Foods You Must Buy Organic

28 Oct 2013

Top 10 Foods You Must Buy Organic


What does Organic mean?
Many people are under the impression that organic means that there is something good added to the foods to make them “better”, but organic actually means not adding anything to keep the food aspure as possible. Organic foods are free of pesticides, fertilizers, GMOs, and hormones. When you think about it, it makes sense. Why should your vegetables be coated with a chemical fertilizer? They shouldn’t! However, not all fruits and vegetables need to be bought organic. Fruits like watermelon and pineapple are safe because of their thick rinds, which makes it difficult for the pesticides to penetrate.

Check the list below for the list of foods you need to buy organic.

What’s with the fertilizers? If all of the crops are dying before they are reaching supermarkets, farmers would be out of business! Pesticides are a cheap and easy way to keep bugs off of crops and yield a larger profit. Major companies have also resorted to using GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms). GMOs are foods manufactured in laboratories where they are injected with DNA, viruses, herbicides, insecticides, and other chemicals to have benefits beyond nature’s ability. 

The Top 10 Foods You Must Buy Organic:

 1. Apples

2. Strawberries

3. Grapes

4. Celery

5. Peaches

6. Spinach

7. Sweet Bell Peppers

8. Nectarines

9. Cucumbers

10. Potatoes

For the complete list, click here.

 What are you surprised to see on the list? Leave your comment below!

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